Pitbulls are miss


 Pitbulls are miss understood. They are great dogs and want to plz there owners. I just got a six month old pitbull and a three year old daughter and they do great together. Thet need lots of love and tranning. If you do decide to get the pitbull make sure you have time to train your pitbull. Your son will recive lots of kisses and hugs. The pitbull breed will be there when your sons becomes a teenager they are a good breed to last a long time. I suggest if you get ur pitbull to put her/him in a puppy class and introdue the pitbull to other dogs and ppl. We take are Bella downtown were it is busy to get her use to many diff things . Are three year old wants her to be a dock dog. My mother in law was the same way about are bella until we educated her on the breed. So read up and get to know as much about the breed as possable and you will have a best freind for the rest of your life and so will your son. I suggest the akc book on amercian pitbull terriers. Also make sure were you are from does not have a ban or other bsl rules.

spc sean vanessen

United States Army