Our lil’ guy (about 2 years


Our lil’ guy (about 2 years old) seems to get aggressive when he wants to play, but only in that “I have to play like a dog” aggressive. He barks a lot then, but after about a few minutes, we wear him out with running around. I give piano lessons, and sometimes ours just gets a certain “look” from a couple of kids (I think the kids think it’s funny they can make him feel that way), and he may growl, but in a playful way. Irregardless, I try to let the kids know that they may not know they’re looking at him funny, but I teach them to just leave him alone until we’re finished with the lesson, then we can play if we have some time.

Otherwise, O’Shea doesn’t really seem to like when other people smell of male dogs–at least we’re pretty sure he doesn’t like other male dogs. He gets along just fine with the ladies, lol!