Nice story and way to go with


Nice story and way to go with saving that pit bull!

And yeah tons of other dogs bite! Just last summer an Australlian sheperd bit my boyfriend. caught him right on the cheek. the doc said if that dog would have bit any harder he would have had to get reconstructive surgery on his face….he almost had holes through his face! not that I own a pit bull, I would love too, but with all the laws,its crazy! those BSL are ridiculous. Like everyone says its the owner(s). Instead of having the laws they should have requirements for any bully breed owner of what you said plus make sure that anyone who owns a bully breed HAS to go to basic training and have their dog tested for aggresion (if you dont already have to do that) and also make the dog go to a class for socialization. Seriously peeople freak out a dog tries to defend itself or freaks out and everyone assumes it needs to die. Its sad! They are animals. We (humans) are also animals, we have to defend ourselves too when we feel threatened. Doesn’t mean we should be put down. People and animals make mistakes. It’s life. I can see dogs that are a big threat to anyone and everything should be put down. Sorry for the long rant. But thats just wrong. I hate how media can take something and twist it so BAD! But thanks for the story hope you will have more