My Jasmine growls with her


My Jasmine growls with her toys, but it’s not in an aggressive manor. It’s more of a “hey, pay attention to me” kind of thing. She loves her toys,and loves to show them off to people. When you come through the door, she says hello, then goes after a toy. If she feels your not paying enough attention, she gives a little growl and pushes the toy on you with her tail just a wagging like crazy. All she wants you to do, is tugg on it, or squeeze it. Of course she hopes you’ll play with her, as she thinks everyone who stops by, is there to see her. She’s fine as long as you’ve aknowlege her and the toy she wants to show off. If you don’t, she’ll growl once or twice more, then give up and play the sad face game.

When playing with her, all she really wants you to do, is play tuggawar, or just know she’s getting 100% of your attention while she shakes, chews, and fling her toys around. If you want to play fetch, she enjoys that as well, but with some toys, she expects you to win it back before throwing it again. The great thing, is if I tell her “drop it”, she’ll drop whatever is in her mouth. This really comes in handy when we wrestle, and I’m the toy.

Jasmine is truly a great dog with an incredible personality. I wish I could tell the OP how to train their dog the “drop it” command, but we rescued Jasmine and gave her a new home. Her previous owner trained her to do this. We got her when she was less than two. Her home cought fire, and her owner could no longer care for her (very young and had to live couch to couch afterward).