My dogs both chewed&scratched

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My dogs both chewed&scratched little/big spots until they were bald. i thought it was mange or an allergic reaction but it was neither. my guess to this day is they were bored.. So I decided to use a recipe my grandma used for her dog (who had chewed off tons and tons of skin). she gave the dog a fish oil pill everyday to promote healthy grow back of the hair and also keep all the hair moist and shiny. than to get the dog to stop chewing we rubbed yucca sap and its spots. yucca is a very bitter plant so they wont chew. but it also soothes the skin. Its a different variety of aloe vera. the hair grew back very fast and they didnt scratch as much because of the oil helping to soothe the skin. they havnt had a problem since. hop that helps :]