my 6 month old chews almost

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my 6 month old chews almost all day. Raisin’ hasn’t destroyed anything yet that he wasn’t meant to, only because he is monitored every minute & he has many many acceptable chew toys. he has a kong, but doesn’t seem to love it. He loves his rope with huge knots and he has a bottle that has a rope coming out of it that when he swings it around treats fall out.. he chews on a nyla-bone with a rubber ball in the middle of it. and we had to buy those rubber chuck it balls because the regular tennis balls don’t last an hour… he has a nyla-bone that I have to sometimes boil in poultry seasoned water to make him interested in it.. and he gets the marrow bones that I get from the supermarket & I boil it in beef bullions… I never leave all his toys out at the same time, but alternate his toys every so often so he stays interested in them. whenever he gets something he is not supposed to, I’ve learned not to chase him to get it away, that’s too much fun for him. I get down to the ground and call him over excitedly and trade him for an appropriate toy or treat. I keep my closet door closed at all times, but I know it’s only a matter of time before there is a serious high heel casualty.. I hear they are still puppies at 3 years… it’s going to be a long couple of years! I sometimes call my husband at work and beg him to come home so I can take a shower!!