It is a PITBULL…these dogs

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It is a PITBULL…these dogs do not belong in dogparks. My girl is well trained but I would never put her in a situation with bad owners of other dogs. Remember no matter how much you raise them to be social these dogs have been bred to be the way they are. Yes trainning helps but the other side of the coin is what genetic traits the parents have. In the case of a dog from a shelter you will never know the history of dogs back ground. That being said you are better off getting a dog that is a year old as you know what you are going to get temperment wise. But never let your gard down these dogs require a firm but fair owner. My dog gets 3-4 mile walks in the morning and at night these are working dogs they need a job to do. Another thing is just because a dog is agressive towards other dogs dosen’t make them bad just will require more work. Genetics plays a huge role you could have dogs who’s parents were great dogs but the gradsire was a manbiter that trait skips generations do to ressesive genes. Sorry for the long post and derailing the thread alittle.