I’ll preface this by saying

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I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t own my own pit bull (yet!), but I’ve helped raise/train several of my friend’s dogs, and have been doing a lot of research to prepare myself.

With that said:

Is crate training an option? It’s a good way to keep her away from things she shouldn’t be chewing when you’re not at home to keep an eye on her.

Kongs are as amazing as people claim. My friend has a rowdy English Bulldog who can (and does) destroy every toy he’s given, and the super strong Kongs have outlasted his teeth.

If you catch her chewing on something she SHOULD be chewing on, make sure you lay on the praise. If she goes after something she shouldn’t, take it away and replace with an appropriate toy. Praise accordingly when she takes to the new one.