I would also suggest leashing

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go ask alice

I would also suggest leashing her, have acouple random people stop by, be calm and tell her to sit and stay, then once she see’s that this is how you have to behave around guests then try without the leash, make sure you tell whoever is coming to ‘visit’ to be calm and dont greet her. Also, if you’ve noticed a pattern right before she lounges (ex; the person was in her face to much, maybe they greeted you with a big hug) then maybe it will be helpful in preventing this habit.
I had a pitty that use to do the same thing, but he wasnt aggressive, he was just trying to protect me, so he would just make noise and move towards them. He was abused and was used as a bait dog at one time so im pretty sure thats where he learned that habit, but im sure with just acouple good corrections this will go away.