I want to commend you on


I want to commend you on taking the time to do research prior to getting a dog especially a pibble. We have had Beastley for almost 9 mths. We had no plans on getting another dog we have a 8y/o Mastiff. We got Beastley by default. Someone asked us to doggy sit for a couple of weeks, they gave us a 50lb bag of food and his cage. They never returned and wouldn’t return our calls, hence we now owned him.
Beastley like most pibbles are easy to train but you have to be consistent and dedicated to training daily. Put him in obedience class if possible and get his CGC certification. In Ohio where I live used to have BSL and recently they removed it. They claim a dogs actions no matter what the breed is the responsibility of the owner. However, they do have stipulations on pits. They must be licensed, muzzled in public areas,have insurance, and spayed or neutered. Many places refuse to allow pits in apartments and rentals.
Allstate and Travelers insurance will insure pits. Add it to your homeowners insurance or renters insurance and it is cheaper in the long run.
High grade food is best, some pibbles have allergies to different foods. A taste of the Wild (ATOTW)or Candiea are good brands. Some people prefer raw.
They love toys, but you have to get durable ones extreme kongs r great. I freeze kibble mixed with peanut butter in it or yogurt. He loves that as a treat. Positive reinforcement is the way to go.
I’m rambling now so I will stop. If you have any questions I will be happy to help you if I can or help u get an answer. A good sight to look up n study is http://www.pbrc.net. Below is a link to my boys.