I rescued my dog’s mom who

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I rescued my dog’s mom who was a bait dog. That’s what happens to pit bulls who don’t want to fight, if they aren’t killed. Theres alot of dog fighting here and I’ve seen some horrible things. Dogs are carnivores. Because of this they often chase and kill small animals. Your dog behavior genetic in the sence that dogs are carnivores, but not because of breed. Thats not to say that some breeds have a higher prey drive than others, but any dog will want to chase other animals under the right circustances. Bait animals for pit bulls include anything people can find running around. Cats, chickens, possums, other dogs, pigeons, kittens, rabbits, rats, squirells, puppies, raccoons, foxes, anything that’s alive. Sounds like your dog is being a dog and your doing what you can to keep everything under control 🙂 kudos to your pet store for being understanding as well!