I just adopted my Pit Bull,


I just adopted my Pit Bull, have no idea what his background is. I know he is sweet,loving and funny. I also have 2 other dogs, Lab mixes. Even before I had the pitty, I took my dogs away from the door before I opened it. At times I put them out side in the fenced dogrun,letting them in after they calmed down and knew whoever came was ok.I told the people that come, sit down and let them come to you with me watching carefully. Now I have 3 dogs and that makes it hard, the packmentality kicks in and I’m not taking a chance. All the dog get put away unless the person at the door knows the dogs well. To prevent the dogs from fighting due to the exitement, they get seperated. It is better to be safe then sorry. In this case it is the owners fault that this happened, it should have been clear to anyone in the family that you can’t open the door like that. It is called procaution! Still I fell bad for you, especially the dog who is going to pay the price. Take pictures of the new fence, get a mussle anything you can do to prevent this from happening again, bring lots of proof to the hearings and maybe you will get luckky and get another chance.Good luck