I have a Min Pin (Zuko), a

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I have a Min Pin (Zuko), a cat (Azula), and our Pit (Katara)… Katara has shown signs of the prey instinct as well. She is about 2 years old and loves chasing the cat around. She is always very playful about it though. As far as Katara’s attitude towards Zuko goes, she seems to get a little rougher with him. We never leave the two alone together. They do very well together when they play outside and even nap together. We live on a farm and my pit is very curious with every small animal that pokes its head out. I feel this is normal behavior. I would recommend some training and being very firm with your dogs actions. If a certain behavior is unacceptable, you need to make sure your dog knows it. With a little patience and some time, hopefully you will see a positive outcome. There is nothing wrong with supervised play or separating animals when left unsupervised. Katara is a social butterfly! But as her owner, I always supervise her play dates. She doesn’t need to be blamed for anything if it isn’t her fault! I love my Pit Bull and only want a positive impression left behind.