I agree with the training

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I agree with the training issue when I read how he distroys his crate I became very worried for his saftey. What we do with ours is take him out for a facepaced walk before we leave the house and wear him out real well so for the most part he takes a nap while we are away we have to do this with our pom mix also who has awful seperation problems once we took the kids out for lunch and came home to find our pom/mix was left in our bedroom that little monster dug out a 3ft section of the carpet infront of the door! so crate for him from now on…

With the marking if he is un nutered hmm I would say best of that males love to own everything LOL

I also agree with the best toy is the undistructable ball the one thats is super heavy rubber type and the wonderful kong toys that you can fill with treats and freeze I love to freeze peanut butter in ours for Zilla when we have to crate him for more than just a small outting