How i define nip is the mouth


How i define nip is the mouth is barely open, teeth are just where they arent touching. my definition of a bite is open mouth. I feel they are 2 different things with 2 different intents. The way you view a slap verses a punch. Drawing blood in this instance should be equivelant to how Layla “draws blood” when her nails which are clipped and filed, scratch me when i come home from work and she is excited to see me so she jumps, (we start obedience class sunday). is there blood? yes. does it drip, pour, gush, or otherwise leave the exact spot of the mark of her nail? no. Paper cuts are worse lol! When blood is drawn from a nip, this is what i think of. yes there is blood but it is superficial. The blood should have no movement. If the blood pours or drips then it wasnt a nip. In anycase the poster is already taking steps by spending 3k on a fence to avoid this. We should always look at every option before putting a dog down. Death is final and should be the last resort not first. We dont get the death penalty for a speeding ticket.