Hi! We just adopted a lab/pit


Hi! We just adopted a lab/pit bull mix back in March! He definitely did not have a great life before we got him, at around 8 months old he’d already been treated pretty badly and even has some bad scars on his ears, which are still whole but look like some stupid person tried to “dock” them himself…I hate to even think about it. Anyway, our Harley is now a part of our family we simply couldn’t live without! He’s had some adjustments to make, like all rescues do, but he’s so loving and happy to be with us now. We just try to give him equal parts of love/play and structure/learning the rules of the house. He has pretty much become my little 60 pound shadow, ha! Also, one of the biggest tips i could give is socialize, socialize, socialize! Have him around multiple types of people and dogs so that he doesn’t become  solitary. We’re also enrolling him in an obedience/agility course to help get out some of his excess energy, lol, maybe that might be something you could try as well? 

Well, good luck with your new addition to your family! Hope what I said was a little helpful!