hey taana, i know you are


hey taana, i know you are trying to protect the dogs but in this post you just said that the mastiff was the one who attacked. i was raised in pitbull fighting and is not nice but i own two pits because that and the presa canario are the only breeds i like. if you raise your dog to be obidient and to not be aggressive you wont have a problem. now if another dog tries ot be stupid i spect for my dog to defend itself. its like if your walking down the street and another person smacks you outside the head you wont do anything even if your bigger. its the same thing. you should know your dog and i think not only pitbulls but any dog that is aggressive no matter if is to other dogs or humans should be put to sleep. the same way if a human is a dager to other humans they should be put to sleep. that is the bottom line. you are not doing anything by keeping your dog alone just for him not to fight other dogs. if you dont trust your dog or trained him to be nice to everyone including dogs. why do you have him. to always be with the fear of an accident to happen. pets should help take away your stress not give you more. atleast that is what i think. the only reason i wouldnt take my dogs to parks is because of the diseases that may be out there for them not because of aggretion because the momment they show some aggretion they are ending either in a shelter or put to sleep. dont get me wrong i respect your concerns but the only reason pits keep having the bad rep is because the owners fear all the bull that is being said about them. if you know your dog all the things they say about them shouldnt even be a concern to you. pitbulls are strong dogs but they are animals just like all the other animals out there. they commit mistakes. and the bigger animals are us the humans. because that is from where everything starts how you raise your beautiful strong and bulky pitbull.