he loves being in his crate,

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he loves being in his crate, when we are home we leave the door open for him and thats usually where you will find him but as soon as we leave the cage is in some serious trouble. As far as the walking before i leave, its not always doable in my life for one i have 3 small children who i am alone with 99.9% of the time also most of the time when i need to leave its very last minute. Also i have five pits so just walkin one of them is not possible or very fair so walks usually have to wait until i have someone to sit with my kids cuz i can only take 2 at a time and one has to be walked by herself cuz shes way to strong. So yes things are very hectic with my army of dogs and i am trying extremely hard to train them but i really have no help and it is exhausting work so the process is slow but i will get there eventually. but thanks for all of your advice and ill have to check out those toys and see how they work!!