‘Ello. I’m Kim. My family has

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‘Ello. I’m Kim. My family has always had a pit of some variety. The first one was Patches who was a pit (I think Am Staff) and Fiest cross breed. We’ve had two male pure bred but unregistered Am Staffs, JR and Big Man. We took in one off the streets, who was sadly starved to death when we had to give him away. I now have two pit mixes who are the best dogs ever. Corbin has a few agressive tweaks, but she gets that from her father, who was a registered Blue Healer, and our neighbors having super vicious lab mixes. She’s a little over protective, but her idea of being over protective is nipping you in warning and then backing off when you move away. We’ve got to work with her though. I don’t want to see this behavior go south. Our other pit mix is too lazy for words. He does tricks for treats, but about half the time won’t move towards you to get it. He expects you to move to him and put it in his mouth. I’ve seen this dog face plant in his food bowl rather than make an effort to get up. Both our mutts are wonderful dogs and when we get to a point where we can my husband and I would love to get a pit, preferably a rescue. That will probably have to wait for Corbin to no longer be with us though. She has a chronic fear of adult dogs thanks to our neighbors.