Congrats on becoming a pit


Congrats on becoming a pit bull owner. I agree with aschlauf. Sometimes people feel the need to dock their tails and crop their ears. Most things I have read say they do so for fighting purposes so there is less to be tore off by the other dog in the fight. Registered pits can not have docked tails that is correct. As long as the docking was done correctly then there should be no concerns. If it wasn’t you would know by now there would be a sore or it would be deformed. When in doubt on the next vet trip just ask your vet. Most vets frown upon mutations such as docking and croping because it is cruelty to animals. There aren’t even any vets in my area that do the ears anymore.

On the up side aschlauf is correct you won’t have to worry about getting beat to death with it and everything will stay in place on your tables. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have had spilled drinks because Ace is just so happy to see me and get attention.