Beth, I know what you are


I know what you are going through trust me. I became a first time pit owner in June of 2009. I had heard all the bad things too about them. I was so scared of Kira become aggressive I was overly caustious. I immediatly put her in puppy kindergarden and the obeience then CGC. My mom constantly was yelling at me for letting her play rough. I talked to the trainers and they said she’s a puppy she’s gonna play rough. Just watch for signs of her using attack grabs like the ham string or throat. I finally stopped listening to everyone and she has become a great dog that can’t get enough attention. She is a strong headed dog though. So stay relaxed and don’t think the worst of the situation. Now I love my two pits and wouldn’t trade them for the world but if they EVER attacked for no reason a human they would be put down.