As far as the biting goes,


As far as the biting goes, constant correction is a must. If you watch The Dog Whisperer at all, you see him “bite” dogs with his hands when they exhibit an unwanted behavior. This is exactly how the mother dog or other dogs in the pack would correct it. Consistnent discipline should curtail the biting, especially as the dogs ages out of puppyhood. With regards to the crate training, if the usual tricks haven’t worked you should ask your vet for any ideas or consult a professional dog trainer. It might be possible that the dog simply doesnt like the crate. You can try giving the dog a dog bed next to the crate so she gets used to being around it. Leave treats in the crate, toys, etc. but dont actually put the dog in, let her find her own way and she may begin to have a positive association with it. I am no expert, these are just some things that have worked for me. Good luck!