Starving Stray to Therapy Dog

Submitted by Emily Bullard on Thu, 11/25/2010 - 21:23

She was found starving and alone at a Shell gas station and is now surrounding by loving friends and supporters.

Shelby the pit bull was named for the gas station she was found at where she had no food or water and had an obvious past full of abuse. While at the shelter, Shelby went through a trying time of her own but slowly started regaining mental health at last.

By the time her new family adopted her, she was just starting to trust and love again. She went on to gain her "therapy dog" licence and also tagged a crowd of supporters.

Shelby may have had a terrible and unthinkable past of physical and mental abuse but now her life is full of unconditional love and happiness. A true Therapy Dog tale worth sharing with all.

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