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Due to their high intelligence and a strong desire to please, pit bulls are easier to train than most breeds, but don’t misinterpret our words, they require time, effort and lots of love!

Pit bulls are smart but they come with an extra dose of energy and a terrier’s stubborn streak and inventiveness thrown in. You have a potential obedience champion at home but some common training mistakes can sabotage any training efforts.

No system you put in place will operate at 100% unless you stop doing these things. Hence why we want to share the mistakes we have seen ourselves and other Pit Bulls owners make. We are not veterinarians or dog training specialists, these are “tips” coming from one Pit Bull owner friend to another 😉

In this free 6-page report you will get explained how these #7 mistakes can undermine your and your pittie hard work when training.

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Free Training Mistakes Report

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