Quarantine and COVID-19 with Your Pit Bull

While the social distancing we are encouraged to do comes with a lot of inconveniences, disruptions, and in some cases, job loss, having a lovable dog as part of your household is a blessing. It can get lonely out there, especially during  these times. Dogs are great for handling loneliness. And the extra downtime for some can be an opportunity to reconnect with their canine companion. Here are some things to keep in mind, along with activities you can still do.

Daily Walks

Even in places like Spain, which have a full lockdown in place, it is permissible to leave the house if you are walking your dog. So do it. It will be good for you and your pit bull. 

Dog Parks

Parks still haven't been shut down yet, so you can still take advantage. Just remember to keep at least 6 feet away from anyone else That doesn't apply to other dogs, though, so pet and play to your heart's delight. Bring along wipes or hand sanitizer for after you touch any metal surfaces.


Now is the perfect time to start training your dog or working on a behavioral problem. You have the time. Now try and have the patience. Your dog will appreciate the extra attention, and you'll come out of this with a better canine citizen. For treats on a budget, try marshmallows, which are cheap and aren't on anyone's hoarding list.

Bunker down, don't panic,  and you'll get through this Coronavirus nonsense together.


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