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Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of July 22, 2012

Heroic Pit Bull Awarded
for Saving Owner Twice

Titan, a six-year-old pit bull, saved his owner’s life not
once, but twice. Last July Gloria Benton’s husband was leaving for work when
Titan started acting strange and blocked the door. His barking and growling
sent husband John upstairs to check on his wife. He found Gloria unconscious,
having suffered an aneurysm which led to a fall that fractured her skull. According
to doctors, if it had not been for Titan, Gloria would have died. Recently,
Titan woke up John at 4:30 a.m. because Gloria had fallen, fracturing her hip. The
Humane Society of the United States honored Titan with a Dogs of Valor
and delivered his award this week after he won third place with public

Village Raises
Money to Save Pit Bull

Van Nuys,
Calif. residents pitched in to save three-year-old Boo from a lifelong debilitating
limp. It changed owner Mike Hoback’s perspective on people and it changed
resident’s perspective on pit bulls. The fundraising started last year when
Hoback and Boo would appear at markets across the San Fernando Valley. The rescued
dog who had hurt one knee, then tore the ligament in a second hind leg, needed
a $3,500 surgery that Hoback could not afford. People often lined up to offer
monetary help for Boo, which helped the pair eventually raise the money needed.
The surgery was performed Thursday by Dr. Scott Anderson of Animal Surgical
Emergency Center in Los Angeles
. After much care, Boo will not only be able to
live, he will be able to run.

The Humane Society of the United States Helps
Pit Bulls in America

Every day we
hear tales of beloved pit bulls in both heroic and horrific situations. Our
hearts go out to all of them, but we often feel as though we are powerless
against the negativity that surrounds the breed. It is comforting to know that
national powerhouse, the HSUS, is behind us. As we know, the HSUS has set up
education and training programs and fought against BSL. In recent weeks, we
have also seen it step in and donate large sums of money in the form of rewards
for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of individuals who
have committed crimes against pit bulls and pit bull mixes. We are gaining
power in this fight and maybe more hope that one day the country will once
again see these loveable dogs as they really are.

Peaceful Protest
in Tennessee

Ronnie Van
Zant, founder of Pit Bull Awareness of Tennessee (PBATN), held a peaceful protest
in the Lewisburg town square Saturday to raise awareness about the Lewisburg
Animal Shelter’s faults in its daily functions. They have refused to allow
volunteers to assist them in the facility, neglected to update equipment, and
ignored the fact that their structure is in desperate need of repair. Finally,
they have contributed to the senseless deaths of pit bulls put down under the
city’s BSL. On July 18th, the facility euthanized thirteen pit bulls
that were ready to go to rescues committed to saving their lives. Outraged citizens banned together to call attention to this disgusting abuse of power. 

**Photo courtesy of Care2.com. 

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