Pit Bulls » Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of July 15, 2012

Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of July 15, 2012


Pit Bull Puppy
Found in Garbage Bag in Maryland

The Humane Society of the United States is offering up to $2,500
for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for tying a
live pit bull puppy into a garbage bag and leaving him to die. The 8-month-old
puppy, now named Hershey, managed to stay alive by poking his muzzle out of an
opening in the bag. He is currently recovering and will be up for adoption
soon. Anyone with information should call the Prince George’s County Animal
Management Division
at 301-780-7241.

Operation Positive
Pit Bull

Last week, Penny Eims of Examiner.com presented an idea that
could potentially start a shift in a positive direction where pit bulls are
concerned – Operation Positive Pit Bull. The project’s goal is to bring
positive messages about the breed to readers. Hopefully, those readers will in
turn share the stories and begin the chain of pro-pit conversation. In the days
since the news broke, Eims has been flooded with stories about heroic,
wonderful pits. To share a story, email Eims at Eims1@live.com and put “Pit
Bull Story” in the email subject line.

Indiana Dog Saves
Family from Intruders

On Thursday, the Northwest
Indiana Post-Tribune
published a
story about Ruger, a 3-year-old pit bull, who saved his family from a
late-night intruder in Valparaiso, Ind. Owner Jayne Casteel reported that a man
knocked on her door around 3 a.m. early Wednesday morning and asked to use the
phone. When Casteel would not let him in, he forced his way into her home. That’s
when Ruger, sensing danger, lept into action. He grabbed the stranger’s arm and
dragged him out of the house. Friends of Casteel’s then ran outside and helped
scare the intruder and another man off the property. As for Ruger, he is a hero
with a very proud owner.

Pit Bull Lovers
Fight Back in Minnesota

A new twist is developing in Minnesota as part of an effort
to fight the negative reputation pit bulls have. “Pittie Parties,” parades of
pit bulls and their owners, have been taking place in parks to show the dogs’
caring and playful nature. The first parade was orchestrated by Secondhand
, an Edina-based animal rescue that believes pit bulls are just like any
other breed of dog and not something to be feared, banned or killed.



**Picture courtesy of the Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune

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