Lilly and the Train

Today I ran across another story of a heroic pit bull that warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  This story is about Lilly, an 8-year-old pit bull rescued by Boston police officer David Lanteigne to become a therapy dog for his ailing mother.  Nearly three months ago, Lilly answered her call to action and saved Lanteigne’s mother from certain death. Her owner passed out on some railroad tracks near her home at about midnight on the evening of May 4th. Lilly rushed to her rescue and managed to pull her from the tracks as a freight train barreled down on them. Her owner was saved, but Lilly could not avoid getting hit. She suffered a broken pelvis and her right leg needed to be amputated, but she did live to recover.

This is a solid story of love and devotion; the kind of bond we feel so strongly with our pits. I believe that their courage is boundless and their capabilities are limitless. Hug your babies extra tight today and know that they are forever by your side.

PHOTO CREDIT: In lieu of a photo of Lilly, which was unavailable, I selected a picture of Dasher and included a link to Lilly's story. You can see Lilly there. 

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