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First Class Heroes

Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate this holiday at barbeques, gazing at the
blaze of fireworks that sparkle above, let’s not forget the many four-legged
heroes that have come before us to help make this land free.

Throughout history, pit bulls have been recognized for their
strength, bravery and tenacity. From the Civil War to WWII, they were
prominently featured on propaganda posters and in cartoons as symbols of honor
and freedom; a shining example of what America needed when its independence was
threatened. Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog of WWI, served beside his
owner during 17 battles. After the war, he was made a life member of the
American Legion, the Red Cross, and the YMCA.

Pit bulls served with great valor as soldiers and died
respectfully on the battlefield. They were and still are true heroes, loyal
friends and our symbols of courage. As you reach down to scratch behind the
ears of your faithful companion on this 4th of July, remember that
he comes from a long line of valiant pit bulls that fought and won liberty and
justice for all. 


Author: Matthias

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