A Boy's Best Friend

Many of you out there are feeling the same way I am. We are in need of some positive stories! It’s a hard job to be an advocate for such a misunderstood breed.

Today I ran across a story from “Operation Positive Pit Bull” on Examiner.com that was written by Penny Eims. According to the article, a 3-year-old pit bull named Milo was adopted by the McComsey family near Detroit and had bonded very strongly with their 15-year-old son.

As you all know, being a teenager comes with its battles. Things change very rapidly when you’re a kid, and you don’t always understand why that is. This held true for the boy, who came home one day and declared that not only did he not have a best friend; he didn’t have any friends at all. Lonely and dejected, the boy locked himself in his bathroom.

After some time, Milo sensed something was wrong. He left the boy’s room, ran to the bathroom and started pawing at the door. When he couldn’t open the door, he started howling and clawing at it. That alerted the boy’s mother, who grabbed a screwdriver and pried open the locked door. The boy had attempted to take his own life, but his true best friend rescued him. Two years later, the two are still inseparable. Milo is a real hero and a loyal companion.

 PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Examiner.com 

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