The Best Ways to Keep in Touch with

We know many of you follow us on Facebook, but with their recent changes, chances are that you almost never see our updates as they hide them and force us to pay to get the message out to you. So here are some alternatives, so you have options depending on what you like to use:

  1. Twitter - Follow Bauer the Pitbull on Twitter and get all of our updates, and some bits of wisdom from the dog himself.
  2. Google Plus
  3. RSS - if you use an RSS reader like Google Reader, subscribe to our feed.

Ensuring You Get All of Our Stuff on Facebook

If you don't use any of the above, we will still update our Facebook page. But be sure and follow these steps to ensure you get ALL of our updates.

  1. Go to our Facebook page, and make sure you Like us if you haven't already.
  2. Under "Show in News Feed" click on "Settings . . . "
  3. Choose "All Updates."
  4. If you really NEVER want to miss anything we post, you can check the box "Get Notifications."

Thanks, and we hope you have a great year!

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