Best Toys for Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls chew, chew and chew. They need tough toys to keep them occupied. Unfortunately, good toys are expensive, and sometimes you give your puppy a toy and they’ve gone through it in less than 10 minutes. You might as well have let them eat cash straight from your pocket. Worse, it could be dangerous if your pit bull can bite off chunks of whatever they are chewing. Your dogs need durablility and safety.

These are some toys we recommend based on personal experience with our own dogs, and based on the collective wisdom of others we have talked to. No toy is perfect, but these seem to last the longest, and some are even guaranteed for a certain amount of time.

Goughnuts Chew Toys

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Goughnuts offers some of the best, most durable dog toys on the market. And their top products all come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. They stand behind their product. Each one has a safety indicator: if you start to see red, indicating that the top layers have been chewed through, then its time to replace the toy. And if you ship it to Goughnuts, they will replace it for you. All you have to pay is a shipping fee.

In other words, these toys are meant to be a one time investment for your dog. Some of our favorites are listed below.

Goughnuts Stick Maxx

One of the best toys on the market. Period. Great for playing fetch and tug of war. This is the one to get if your particular pit bull has extra large jaws and is at least 65 lbs. Otherwise, it might be too heavy for them. The good news is that they also make a smaller version of this stick.

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Goughnuts Black Maxx

The original shape of the original Goughnut (can you guess where they came up with the name?), but in a tougher version for more aggressive chewers.

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GoughNuts Black Ball

This toy is not meant to be constantly chewed. In fact, if your dog can get their mouth around this thing, you probably have a bear as a pet and never knew it. This is meant for your pit bull to chase around and wear themself out. Choose another toy for power chewing.

Great for playing fetch, even in water, as it floats.

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