West Star Ranch Old Dog Rescue

West Star is the oldest NO kill NON profit 501 (C)3 Organization in NYE County! West Star continues to meet the no more homeless pets campaign(Best Friends of Utah's goal) along with striving to educate the public on the importance Of Spay and Neutering their pets!

West Star Ranch Old Dog Rescue houses over 60 Dogs! 45 Cats!
10 Peacocks! A couple Chickens! and a Duck!

And YES they do all of this with no funding from the Government or any other organizations.

This means they are very much dependent on the generosity of the public - individual donors are their lifeline.
West Star also has two thrift stores that help support the daily feed and medical care to our precious pets.

So please stop by their website to see the adoptables and take a look around. You can also find them on facebook.com/weststarranch



780 East Manse
89048 NV
United States