Submitted by mistywhitt on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 01:37

Anyone have any tips or tricks to stop my girls from jumping when someone comes in the door? I have tried lots of different things like sit and stay, turning your back, raising your knee. nothing works, with sit and stay as soon as they are released from sit they jump on the couch into whoever the new arrival is. turning your back, they just scratch you there. any suggestion please!!

Jumping is a hard one. Turning your back worked for my dog. Sometimes we did this for 30 minutes, but it will work. When your company sits on the couch have them get up and try turning their back. I also would put my hands on my dogs chest and push her back into a sit. Maybe this will help. Good Luck.

I have an 18 month old Blue Nose that jumped on EVERYONE. The way I broke her habit was as she was beginning to jump I would put a string grip on her neck and say no and push down. You have to be extremely consistent or it will not work. I also tell people coming in the door not to let her jump - to use their hand to stop it. Putting up a knee is only blocking it is not correcting so they do not see it as a command. It took her a while, but she eventually got it and as soon as my hand gives her a little bite on the neck she sits. Now it always seems like she wants to jump, but she forces herself to just sit down. I also would move in forward towards her as she was jumping and as I put my hand on her neck to say I am claiming the space and her behavior was not tolerated. Good luck I hope I was some help. I really wanted to stop the behavior b/c I was worried she would eventually knock someone over and it made people nervous.

I do NOT recommend physical force, as the above poster suggested. Do not put your hands on your dogs neck.

Have her on leash when people come over, or keep her in another room, in a crate, or use a baby gate or ex-pen to keep her secured.

I have an 18 month old as well,I trained to jumpup onto my arm.I turn to the side and let him jump up. now he goes and sits at my side and awaits my word then jumps right up there.

We use a choke chain and leash when Zilla trys to jump up on people we do a fast tug up and put him in a sit and repeat until he is calm.

YES!!! Repetition!!! Pitts are soooo super smart! and I have found with repetition and good behavior treats work well. i as well use a choker for walks. it works well. my dog thinks he can lunge at every cat he sees on walks but with the choker on all i do is give a tug when he trys to and i say "Heeeel" and the "Sit!" and when he does and he clams down he does sit and just wimpers for the cat while he sits still. he does jump up on me every once in a while in the house but all i do when he does this is say "EEEEEASY" and i lean back let him lick and hug ONCE and the say "Ok MAX....DOOOOWN" and then he does. so i reward him and say "good boy" in the house you have to keep him occupied, a lot of toys and try to walk him and run with him outside a lot to tire him out or her. :)

Jumping may seem like an isolated issue, but it is really a symptom of the way the dog views his overall relationship with you. Remember that dogs do not think like humans. They are canines, and pack animals have a unique body language that helps them establish hierarchy in their "pack."

When a dog jumps on you, crawls or lies on you, leans on you, pushes into your space (on a bed or elsewhere) or paws at you, these are all **dominating** behaviors in dog language.

When a dog displays dominance in this fashion, you can bet the farm that in his mind HE is the pack leader in your family, and not you. It's nothing personal against you--it's just that he doesn't view you as the authority in the household because you haven't communicated your authority position in dog language that he can understand. Have you ever seen "The Dog Whisperer"? He really opened my eyes to all the reasons behind the issues I previously had with my dogs (like jumping)!

I don't mean to some across like Cesar Millan's PR rep, but this guy seriously understands the mind of a dog, and his training methods have worked beautifully with all my rescues. I encourage you to check out "The Dog Whisperer" and hope that you get great results like I have with my four-legged kids.

I promise if you address the issue holistically you will get lasting results and happy, respectful, balanced girls! :)

Pit Bulls ROCK!!

I was just about to say the same thing, lol. I don't have problems with my dogs jumping on me, they understand their position and do not not disrespect me by attempting to jump on me. My husband, however is another issue. He's such soft heart that it's so hard for him to be firm with them. I keep telling them he just needs to be calm and assertive and not back down and they will get it, but he doesn't have the patience to do it and it's beyond frustrating. :(