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    That is so sad, did you find a temp home for her yet? I know it’s been almost a month so I’d hope you found someone to help you, such a sad story. I am just hoping to see you update that you found someone that was willing to help you out until you could have her back.

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    Have you thought about getting some training for Louie before you decide about getting another dog? They will train u as well on how to handle him properly. Louie seems to be having dominance issues and that won’t stop until you show that you are the alpha and not him. The trainer will help you with showing Louie the proper ways to act towards other dogs and how you can keep control of him even though he is stronger. It is definitely something to look into before getting another dog so that the new dog doesn’t pick up Louie’s bad habits.

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    both of my dogs eat Eukanuba large breed. Maybe we should check the ingredients but it seems to be good food. Max has skin allergies and breaks out when he eats different food, what kind does your dog eat?

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    Great idea! It would be so much more convenient.

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