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    oh my, I guess not!

    My roomate’s kids had to wear drenched clothes because my dog licked them until they were soaked .

    My Pitt has licked a big wet spot in my bed and I had to sleepo on towels.

    best of luck with your furbaby.

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    lol, my dog did that sometimes too. She has never neen in a shelter. She’s goofy sometimes. I just told her “that’s enough”. I supect that she is fantasizing about food or is licking the scent off whatever it is.

    She left plenty of wet spots around and it was poretty funny.

    Do you have kids around? My dog did it where kids had been.


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    I was so overjoyed that most of the surviving dogs got families and a life they deserved.

    I grew up in an extremely abusive home where animals were sometimes harmed.

    I have greived over that all my life and each time their is justice and the innocent are rescued it heals another piece of my broken heart.

    I cried with relief.

    Each victory means so much.



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    I couldn’t care less about felons in general. But ppl who harm old ladies, children and animals do not deserve anything but a hole in the ground.

    We are not talking about some dopefiend holding up a 7/11 where no one was hurt or a bank robber.

    We’re not talking about convicted felons Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart.

    We are talking about torture and unspeakable evil.


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    Sorry for typos. I didn’t even have coffee. I have been researching frantically to try to get some answers.

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    He and all dog fighters are on the level of a pedophile-beyond redemption.

    Some things are UNFORGIVABLE.

    Yes, lock them and throw away the key!

    If someone hurt your animals or children you wouldn’t be  so forgiving..

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    I also agree. It’s an outrage.

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