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    Im assuming as a rescue she is fixed but ill ask anyway? other than that how is her exercise routine many times the chew from bordom & fustration. Is it just pillows that she chews? If you have a few more details ill try to help you 🙂
    btw ive also had a dog that liked bitter apples lol

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    I had this exact problem with Elvis get to a vet the sooner the better!
    Yes its probably an infection and will need meds unfortantly theres nothing you can buy over the counter if its infected. also look in the ear not only may you see redness and maybe bleeding from scratching but also look for puss and discharge the best way the vet discribed it to me was it looks like cauliflower in there ear as you enter the ear drum.
    A family members dog got an infection bad & i dont know the details but it caused some sort of ear drum rupturing & her dog had to have surgery

    As far as being a normal thing no its not, but allergies yes very common in pitbulls especially certain ones elvis is blue and they are know for major skin and allergy troubles

    We didnt know at 1st why he got his? now we do food allergies I ran out of food one day & just used some cheap purina type my sister had for her lab big mistake. We are now very carefull that he gets no table food etc but if he finds something it can get bad. The time i mentioned when i got him to the vet it was so far down in his ear and so painfull they thought they were gonna have to sedate him. We end it up with them doing a massive ear cleaning, gel meds, a shot to help redness and ease pain, and oral pills.

    I hope this isnt it but it can get very pricey if you wait and dont get it checked out. If you have one try an spca vet they are who we use now and are amazing and so much cheaper!

    I say get to a vet & have them take a look

    What food do you use & does your dog shake his head this is another sign?

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    Elvis did the same thing i didnt know at 1st feet licking & biting is a sign of allergies. Sure enough hes got bad allergies to most foods he does real bad with hives,gas,itching you name it he gets it.
    So we now use a limited ingredient food.
    I cant say enough good things about it we have pinnacle the trout formula it smells like a seafood market but they love it ! I figure if its limited formula it should smell like its primary ingredient
    My suggestion go to a store that gives you $ back if dog doesnt react well i know petco does im sure theres others

    Pinnacle Holistic Trout & Sweet Potato Dog Food
    Holistic, allergen-free formula contains no allergens such as corn, wheat, rice, barley, sorghum or soy

    ive also heard good things about the taste of the wild it was on our list of ones to possibly try we just tried pinnacle 1st & its done an amazing job!

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    I think amber gave some awesome advice and shes right firm training rewards and spoiling later. Other than that socialize with EVERYTHING when elvis was a baby (and even now) we brought him everywhere we went to a farm thats open for the pumpkin patch and brought elvis to see the horses, ducks, goats etc…, we still take him almost everywhere with us. Also when we got elvis i dont think he had ever been leash walked and he was so scared of everything he would freeze wouldnt move outside he didnt want to budge and we were trying everything then a trainer told us think like a dog! do you thing its mother would do those things no it would have to come
    so pull him becarefull of his pads on his feet but drag him if need be omg it worked now hes an amamzing leash walker, also when he wanted to walk (finally) anytime he got distracted or tried to move ahead of us just a tiny tug like hey you walk beside me. I also did this with the stroller he wasnt allowed to walk in front of it.
    Also another great tip we got was when it comes to food when you feed make them sit and stay get the food place it in front of them but dont let them eat till you say so there are times one of our dog watches the other eat 1st if they wanted to try to jump the gun etc. Also my now 2 year old son has been doing this since he could talk he tells them sit stay stay stay stay its actually really cute but they also know hes another master of the food and thier for someone they should respect.
    Also take the food away mid eating BUT return it within moments with something tasty in the bowl a piece of chicken or treat etc… let them know you may come near the bowl even pick it up but you are in no way trying to steal it this was an avoiding food aggresion tip we were given. also you can place your hand in the bowl and put some food in your hand and let them eat from your hand while its in the bowl. I dont know the history of your mama dog these things maybe more dificult to try with her and you might want to seek someone with more experience rehabing dogs with bad past, but i thought since you also were gonna have a puppy i would add things that we found worked for us.

    elvis as a puppy its from a cell so kinda blurry

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    Just wanted to add that Elvis is this way if hes on anything but a limited ingredent diet the only treats we can even give him our duck breast jerky that has almost nothing in it. If he eats things like purina omg GAS BAD!!! clear a room its terrible. When we 1st got him he was on blue buffalo a good food but still we didnt know why he had gas and would get red blotches the previous owners vet told them he had mange (wasnt true) but the vet bills were part of the reason they got rid of him. Before we knew it was allergies we tried a few foods he did very good on natural balance limited ingredent duck and potatoe then they did a very tiny ingredent change and BAM allergies back. So we searched on and found pinnacle trout and potatoe (also a limited ingredent) the stuff is AMAZING i mean my dogs would eat the natural balance but this they LOVE IT!!! It smells like a seafood market but to me thats a good thing dog food should smell of its main ingredent I hope this helps. The food could really be upsetting thier stomachs try a high quality food they are expensive but if you buy it at petco and keep your reciept and they dont take to it just return the unused portion for you $ back and you can try something else


    heres the link to the food we use

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    I guess before i could comment with any possible suggestions, what has been your dogs previous socialization with other small dogs or little creatures. Just didnt want to stab in the dark I hope with more info we can all help?

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