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    Hi again,

    so sorry ive been so busy with the packing and stuff, but thanks so much for your message. It felt really good to see that someone that I dont even know cared enough to answer me!

    I spoke to my neighbour today and she was like ”Let the dog with me hell be fine”, then I couldnt help it I just cried. So my fiance kept talking with her cause I couldnt face the situation. And you know, here in the caribean, t is the same than my country algeria, or any african countres, people dont really give that much importance to dogs. So Tessa was like ”but its just a dog, when she saw me cry”. But as you say, when you have a wonderful dog, you cant help it, hes just part of the family.

    But as you say I have to stay positive. The worst I can do is show Jazz that Im sad cause he will feel it and propably feel anxious about it. I just have to make sure that I contact Tessa everytime to see if Jazz is doing ok, give her money to take care of him, and come as much as I can to visit them.

    And anws it will be for maximum a year I guess.

    I just hope that Jazz dont forget us, my mum said that dogs never forget their owners and when we will be back, hell just be like nothing ever happened. I WANT TO BELIEVE HER.

    I just feel sooo guilty because it is our responsability and I didnt want to ever leave Jazz with someone else then us, specially for a year.


    Anws I hope that you and your family and doggie are doing fine. TC

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    Hey you!

    Thanks for the reply, it felt better. As you are saying it is always better to stay positive and as my fiance is saying, aint like were leaving Jazz in a shelter for a year. He will be with someone he knows and has like 4 hc to run all over the place with an other dog.

    Of course, without being selfish I will be real sad because  my dog is so important to me, and we took so much time, money and energy to make sure he is well behaved, that I dont want him to loose everything while I wont be there to make sure he stays well behaved. Because our neighbor has nooooooooo clue wutsoever on how to be a good pack leader, and that is the thing that worries me. Even if I try to explain to her she wont listen on that.

    Also Jazz stayed with her a couple of time (not more then few weeks) and she always would be like, ”while your gone, Jazz was so sad, crying everyday and wouldnt eat that much”.

    As you are saying, and I even saw that on Cesar, dogs may not have the capacity  of knowing how much time has gone. But I have to be stronger and I should not show him that I am sad or that I am leaving him, or even that I am anxious about it cause then he might feel it and express it back, which would be worst.

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    Thanks for your comment. The thing is dat he did not remove it by himself, but I guess that the titches werent tight enought so after a while, when he was walking, it just openned by itself.

    And now the vet doesnt want to put new stitches cause he said that this area is too fragile.

    But as your saying we are giving him all the antibiotics and we are trying to avoid water (its raining a lot here so its difficult, we have to let him go do his buisness every morning and night), but when he comes back we always change his bandage.

    AnwsI guess that it will take longer then with the stitches.

    The funny part is that while yesterday I was trying to open a bottle of medicin to change his bandage, I cut myself bad. So I had to go to the hospital cause it was pretty deep and I couldnt moove my hand. So he gave me stiches and antibiotics as well as pain killers.

    Lol very ironic! So now my fiance is laughing at me and our dog, cause we look like two handicapped hihi.



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    Hi yaminpix, thank you very much for your comment!

    Your message made me feel better because I can relate to you and stop stressing that much for my dog. The area where we live is very safe, and anyways someone is there to watch them, and make sure that they don’t go too far, because they love to chase opposum, and small animals (but in our island we don’t have any predator or dangerous snakes…so it is very safe for them). When she leaves she puts my dog inside my house, and as you told me, as soon as I come back home, i spent time with them. We go for long walks, we play ball, and fliper and I actually went with him last time to the river loool…which was an great experience, even if he was veryyyy scared of water. I didnt want to push him into the water so he took his time, and after like 30 mns I carried him into the water but he didnt like it and jumped right after into a big stone to avoid the water lool.

    For me the most important is that my dog is happy, and he looks just so happy here. Since we came he is always tired from playing with the other pup, and i can see that he is more balanced then when we were in canada. Even thoe I exerciced him like crazy in canada, ihe was still confined in a small apartment and the cold was not really his favorite thing!!!

    What about you? Do you still have the same dogs? You live in the city now?


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    Hi, well i read again what I wrote in my initial message and I guess that it was really not clear. I am sorry but english is not my first language and it is very difficult for me to actually express what i want in proper way. I can understand why you did interpret that way, but i was just very upset because I am a very  good owner and I was just asking a question.

    No my dog don’t go over by himself! Someone is here with him when I am not home.

    My fiance and I just mooved in dominica and it is very hard for us to settle down properly so we are not able to be at home as much as we used to, but it is only for now, because we have to work hard and run everywhere for papers and immigration and everything.

    And if i was a bad owner I would not even mind asking a question about the well being of my dog.

    U cannot compare the US to here. Here there is no daycare lol. It is a caribean country and people dont really have this culture. Here dogs are mostly protective dogs. And when I said that the property is fenced, again here nobody can come inside the property bcause first of all people are really scared of pits, and because here everyone has many guns to protect their houses, so people dont really dare walking into a property.

    Again it is very different from the US.

    The only thing that i wanted to say is that my dog used to be everyyyyyyyyytime with me, but now i cannot spend that amount of time with him. And since we have a big garden and an other dog, i was wondering if it was good for him to be with this dog in the garden everyday, even if someone is with them. Because I also educate my dog to be very closed to us and i was quite sad to imagine that he could get more independant with time. I tought of keeping him in the house while i wasnt there, but then maybe it is not a good thing to lock him inside the house for the all agfternoon knowing that someone is there to watch them, and that he seems very happy in the garden with his little friend.

    He actually got even calmer and even more balanced since he is here.

    So again sorry for the missunderstanding, but it would be better to ask questions before.


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    since when did i say that my dog is all day outside. my dog is out from 1 to 4 so please ask before speaking. he is not a outdoor dog. he is a indoor dog and he is a very well behave dog. He was trained by the police and has a very good education.

    The only thing i said, was that when i go to work my dog stay with my family neighbor who lives in the same house, but under us, and she already has one dog. So when she is here she let the dog play in our big garden, and the dog can run all time long. But she is here to stay with them and whenever she doesnt see them she calls them back and they come as soon as she does. And when im back i stay with my dog.

    Seriously man, give advice is one thing but judging people is an other thing. And before judging you better ask questions.
    Btw my dog is probably one of the nicest dog i ever saw. so please watch youyr language!

    That is totally wrong what you just said!!!!

    And btw for your information my property is closed and i live in dominica, which is totally different from usa. Nobody can enter my property. Again be smart and ask questions.

    The only thing that i said was that in canada i did not work so my dog was 24hours with me, but now that i do, he is with my family neighbor for few ours a day, so we dont do as much as we used too. Before i used to work with my trainer everyday for my dog. Now i can only spend all morning and at 4 i come back at home. And i dont think that your dog is with you 24h neither.

    But thank you for your nice comment.


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    Hey guys! I read all your comments, My  dog is very well behaved, but also very independant (if he does not wanna do some, he wont)…but since few months we mooved in a new place where there is already this  other dog from our neighbour, and he is only 8 months. He is very very smart and nice, but then when it comes to behaving, forget about it. I see that he is willing to learn, but it is still hard, The two of them are just alwaysssssssss together, they just get along soooooooo perfectly.

    The thing is that most of the time, we would want to spend some quite time with our dog, but the other one get very jealous and always comes to have his share of kissing and loving.

    So we started to only allow our dog into the house…but then I am afraid it would lead to some serious jealousy issues. Do you think that this dog understands that he is not our dog, and so he has more restrictions then our dog?

    What should we do to make understand this dog that he is not supose to come between us and our dog, knowing that our dog dont really have any problem with sharing(he even shares his food and water).

    It is one thing to train a dog, but it is very difficult to train one that is not yours, especially since we only know him since few months.

    Thanks guys

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    Hello Matt,

    I guess that you deleted my comment as well.

    I dont see nothing wrong on what I wrote down. I don’t understand. Let me know what went wrong.


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    Bully pride is right

    I would more likely understand you if your dogs were very old and that you would be sure they would never be adopted (even if there is no reason on earth to put down animals…theyr not some bad bread dat you get rid of whenever you cant use it no more)…but your pits are babies…many nice and loving person would love to adopt them

    You cant be a pit lover and put down those pups.

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    Well I guess that leaving them all free in the property aint good.

    Ill try to make sure hes under surveillance at anytime, either by us or the neighbor if we aint there,


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    Why should you put them down?

    If nobody buy it just give them to the SPCA or some like that

    Where can you ship it?

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    Well, that is true. I guess that she can get some help to learn about those dogs.

    I get so frustrated when it comes to pitbulls. I am sick of hearing the same stuff over and over again. We should not discriminate the bread, but discriminate the dumb-ass that use them for wrong reasons…they are the criminals, not those dogs.

    But I guess that you are right, it is better to help and prevent.

    Well I guess that the best thing to do is watch CESAR show…it sounds cliche but he knows a lot on pits and there is plenty skills that anybody could use for trainings (but be careful! What Cesar uses on his show are not always good things to do for people who are not really experienced with the bread!)

    Alice, you are the superwoman of the site looll


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    You know what Alice, why should you bother…really. Those people don’t know nothing about pits. If this lady wants to get ride of her dog, the dog will be better of like that trust me. Cause no dog should liive in a house of ignorant people, who believe that their dogs can turn on them.

    I am sure that  this dog will find a better family,

    O btw miss “i heard on the news that they will turn on their masters”…the news forgot to tell you that THE FIRST THING THAT SOMEONE WHO OWNS A POWERFUL BREAD SHOULD NEVER DO, is to actually believe that his dog will turn on him. IF YOU DON’T TRUST YOUR DOG, your dog will feel it, and won’t trust you back. And then don’t be surprise if one day he’ll jump on you.

    As Alice said, puddles and labs bite much more often then pits.

    Pits are wonderful, amazing dogs…but as this site tells…it belongs only to SMART PEOPLE. When news tell you that PITBULL ARE MEAN you believe them, WHEN NEWS TELL YOU THAT BEN LADEN IS STILL HIDEN IN HIS MOUNTAINS, THAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALL CRIMINALS AND THAT ISLAM IS THE DEVIL.. you believe them…so what now, you will believe them when they will tell you THAT TOMORROW WE WILL ALL BE EATEN BY GEANT SPIDERS…COMMON MAN, have some common sense. Dont believe everything you see on TV.

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    You doing the good thing.

    I actually used this training for like a year and a half, and it worked very well. Our dog was free  when we were home, and as soon as we had to leave or to go to bed, we would put him in his crate. At first it was very difficult, but then with time, love and encouragment, he would go inside by himself.

    You should try to only give him treats inside it, so he can associate the crate training to a good thing.

    And as our friend said, never punish him or force him to go inside. And NEVER, EVER, look at him when he barkes and cries inside. Also, only open him when he is in a calm and relaxed mode.

    Hope this will help.

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    This answer is really stupid.

    What are you doing here if you believe that pits are agressive dogs? When you don’t know shit about a bread don’t open your mouth.

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