Kong Extreme

Kong Extreme Chew Toy

This is the more durable version of the original Kong classic. For true power chewers. The Kong classic is nearly indestructibly durable, and should be good for most dogs, so if the Extreme is more durable than THAT...

Try it out and let us know.

She can still tear it to pieces, but it is a little harder for her to do.

These are great. I put biscuits in them, He does not chew them to bits in days and He loves the way they bounce. I throw them in the dish washer when they get really skanky.

We have gone though so many kongs with my pits, they are gone within a week, but this new extreme kong is great! It lasts about a month and my girls get a lot of energy out by chewing on it!

My Dogs can tear off peices, however if there is a "Treat" inside he is more worried about getting the treat out...Hours and Hours of Fun and a way to get rid of some energy for our Buddie.
3(I Enjoy watching them play with the Kongs!!

So far he hasn't torn it apart but he chews the junk out of it.

Though my dog doesn't destroy any of her toys, the Kong is actually one of her least favorites, unless it is filled with something. All of ours look brand new, and we have MANY!

My favorite thing to do is fill them with all kinds of goodies (chicken broth, green beans, chicken, baby food, beef liver, etc.) and then freeze it! Talk about hysterical watching the dogs try to get what is inside. Plus, it is great for a mental workout too, trying to figure out how to get the yummies out!

There is also a blue Kong out there, usually only available online or through your vet's office that will actually glow in the stomach of your dog on x-rays! That way the vet can see where and what may be causing a blockage in your dog's GI tract, since Kong pieces can get stuck. Just keep an eye on how your dog is destroying the Kong!

My pup loves her kong toy, when i put a treat inside she gets a little confused as to how to get it out and will just lick and lick and lick, its funny because out of all the toys we've bought her, her favorite is this bone my mom got from a piece of meat at work, its lasted her FOREVER and she'll do anything for it, kinda like when you buy your kid something really nice for christmas and they just play with the box instead.

the best toy for strong jaws money can buy! i have not found anything to last as long as the extreme Kong. my boys favorite toy.