yup. same stories. lol. naw.


yup. same stories. lol. naw. you are soooo not alone… i live in Tacoma. my mom is an AKC judge, and even SHE has had to deal with the labels that a given to certain dogs. not the animal as an individual, but the breeds as a whole. i think too, that a lot of how a pet acts is on the owner. not the dog. yeah, some dogs are just wired wrong. breeding, disposition, just not OK in the head because of the breeding background, NOT the breed itself. the AKC is a strong voice in the pure breed realm, but also in the dog world as well i think. hell, i was attacked by a basset when i was 2, so, its all about the breeding background and how they are wired. sounds weird but in most cases its true. A LOT is the owners deal though. Being an attentive pet parent. Knowing where your dog is, and what they are doing. making sure that if you KNOW that your dog is aggressive that you keep that dog on a short leash. those poor dogs are labeled now, just like pits were and dobermans and rotties too…and all that owner had to do was watch their dogs.