:) You’re welcome. Kaos pees


🙂 You’re welcome. Kaos pees on my neighbors dog.  He would run up to the fance, stop and hike his leg right on the pamapoos head. I know what it’s like to have a young pit.  They’re rambunctious and it is obnoxious, especially when they want to play.  It can also be difficult because people don’t understand that they aren’t being agressive.  We call Kaos our ankle biter because he likes to go after our toes.  There was one time my daughter sat down and he pulled her around on her butt by her shoe.  She thought it was hillarious.  I didn’t think it was quite so funny while trying to get the grass stains out of her pants.  As far as the kennel training goes, as with all training, start when it’s quiet.  If she already has some idea what the command means, then give her the command and wait for her to go INTO her kennel, then give her a treat.  When she consistantly goes to her kennel when you give the command, then start making her stay before you give her the treat.  Once she gets good at waiting for you, you can start giving her the command when people are around. A lot of times Kaos will try and ignore us.  We just point to his kennel and give him the command sternly while stepping into his space.  We don’t smack him or anything, just assert our authority with a strong voice and ominous presence.  You can also try flipping her over on her back and kneeling over her like a dominant dog would.  Some people think this can help assert you as an authority figure.  Whether you try this method, or just assert yourself as her “pack leader” through discipline, she will respond better in all situations if she knows you’re boss.  Not to say you have to be abusive, just firm and authoritative.  This type of authority could help when she starts going after your feet too. 🙂  As far as excersize goes, we don’t have a whole lot of time, so we go out to a quiet road, kick Kaos out of the car, then drive.  Fast enough that he can’t get infront of the car.  He LOVES to chase us!  This is probably not the most conventional form of excersize, but the sprints burn energy FAST.  We can get one heck of a work out in 30 min.  If you’re working on a tight schedule, running sprints can burn off energy in a shorter amount of time than walks.  Kaos won’t play fetch, othewise that would be a good activity.  Focus training and kennel training both take time and patience.  Just keep at it and be consistant, and someday your dog will be old and arthritic and not able to run and jump and be obnoxious. 😉 Jk. It really does work, but only if used consistantly.  Kaos is about a year and a half and is still full of puppy.  Just keep workin’ hard and she’ll get it.  They’re very smart, just stuborn.