your premiss that he is only

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your premiss that he is only capible of one job is wrong. ball isnt all he knows, he has a college degree. I have trained people for years who have never worked in my feid and the are all successful. ball is all he know is a piss poor excuse for some one and a sad thought that a person is capible of one thing their entire lives. I too feel people need a second chance, however he knew what he was doing was wrong and dont give me he was raised that this is okay. hes human being cruel to another creature is wrong and you dnt have to be taught that, just like you dont have to be taught molesting children is wrong. there are some things you cant come back from and this would be on of them. nothing has happened to him. yes he went to prison for a tiny amount of time. for what he did the punishent did not fit the crime. he should have gotten way worse.