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You sound just like me! My pit has destroyed 2 wire crates and a plastic crate. She doesn’t mind going in it at night but if you leave her in it during the day or when we go out, she freaks out. I ended up talking to my vet and she now takes a sedative before we leave her for more than a few hours. It works wonders. It calms her down enough to where she will stay in the crate and be comfortable. I hate having to do it but I couldn’t afford to continue to buy crates and she hasn’t shown us that she can be trusted alone in the house.

As for the toys, I haven’t found anything that Raleigh can’t destroy. She has managed to destroy the black Kongs to the point where I can’t even put treats in them. She loves the red Kong ball and that seems to be the only thing that hasn’t been destroyed. You might try plastic bottles… like liter bottles. Raleigh loves those and they’re a cheap toy. I take off the label and top and let her go at it. Those seem to last the longest.