You should close the crate

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You should close the crate when it’s time for bed then she learns that is her bed. If you don’t she will just sleep with you anyways defeating the purpose of crating her. Also and this opinion varies from person to person so do with it what you like but if she does something bad and you put her in her crate for punishment she may associate that with being in trouble and not like her crate.

As for the food thing I never go off the bag I go by what my vet recommends. All vets usually say at LEAST three meals aday. Now if you want to go with the serving size on the bag then break that up into each meal to equal that amount. I am currently feeding Kira who is 1yr old 2cups and she’s 50lbs. Ace gets 4cups he is a 1yr 1/2 old and weighs 60lbs. They eat Iams Lamb and Rice for sensitive stomachs so it’s low in fat and they get nonfat plain yogurt on their food. They aren’t overweight so I don’t know it depends on the amount of fat and the amount of exercise your dog gets on how much to feed them. My mom who has had many dogs always would feed them until they quit unless they were starved when she got them. But in theory they should know when they are full. Also when feeding her put your hand in the bowl from time to time so she doesn’t become protective of her food and agressive. She will learn to share. I have done that and my two will eat out of the same bowl if I would let them. LOL! anymore questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]