You must be dominate..but not

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Ruby Roo

You must be dominate..but not in a harsh way. I agree with “Coltdrey” about your mindset. They can sense your hesitation..hence that proud terrier defiance. There was a time when I wanted my dog to come have her bath. She flat out refused to budge off of the couch no matter the bribe. I literally picked her butt up and brought her into the tub. I suppose she knows now that I’m going to have my way because since then, she willingly steps into the bathtub..knowing she will get a treat for doing so..of course, AND a few after she fully cooperates. She is amazing..she listens to every word I say! And she so enjoys being toweled off. She cracks me up. Anyway..I have found that these dogs are like 2 year old children…really. If I give Ruby a command and she doesn’t obey at first, I simply add the word NOW and she listens. I swear I can WHISPER a command to her and she listens. I fully believe that you get a lot more with sugar. Speak kindly to your dog. She will listen. I’ll never understand people who yell or speak harshly while commanding their dogs. Why on Earth would they listen to you if you’re just scaring the crap out of them? I don’t get it. Be patient with your pup : ) She loves you.