You know, when I first read


You know, when I first read the OP, a little something in the back of my mind told me that no matter what we said, stats we showed, websites we referred, the OPer was going to come back at us with something like he did.  So here is my ‘real’ thoughts on the I.Q./career of choice of Pit Bull owners:


Who really cares?!?  As long as they can afford to take care of the pet, they could be scrounging for change for all I care.  I will totally own the responsibility of owning a ‘dengerous’ dog and I will whole heartedly admit I have made bad choices in my lifetime, but the one constant I’ve had are my pitties.  The comfort me when I’m sad, play with me when I’m happy, and they don’t hold anything against me (like my I.Q.<Which is actually somewhat above average> and my career choice) and their love is one that I’ve never saw with another dog I’ve owned.  Notice I keep saying ‘dog’ and not ‘breed’?  I do that because I am not responsible for anyone else’s pits.  I still teach my kids not to walk up to strange dogs, especially ones that are bigger than them, until we can determine if the dog is aggressive. 

I’ve done the research, saw the bad and the good and made a decision based on the information I’ve found as well as personal experiences.  I’ve had a dog for as long as I can remember and almost all of them have been big dogs.  I was raised with a German Sheppard named Bear, my father and mother ran a kennel and raised champion Rotts from the time I was about 6 until the last one passed away at the age of 13.  I was driving by that time.  I also owned a Saint Bernard. 

Anyway, I’m truly sorry for your closed-minded approach to this issue and I hope that someday you meet a wonderful pittie to change your mind.  It only takes one. =)