You guys are AWESOME!  I


You guys are AWESOME!  I watched our Jack Russell Terrorist make mean faces at our pit who had a bone he wanted.  The pit walked over, dropped the bone in front of him, kissed him on the nose & walked off….truly a vicious animal who shouldn’t be trusted! (for you pit bashers I am being sarcastic!)  

Blaming all pits for what a few stupid people have trained some pits to do is ridiculous!  Pits were called the “nanny dogs” before the idiotic hoodlums of the world decided to abuse them and FORCE them to fight.  

Saw a PETA article recently commenting that “nice people don’t want Pits.”  Hmmm.  I’ve been 10 years in law enforcement, my husband & I volunteer for a local shelter, and have a foster dog on top of our own pets…what constitutes nice these days?  

I’ll close w/a quote from a shirt someone got me…”I love dogs, it’s HUMANS that annoy me!”