You are right that the head


You are right that the head collar is similar to a horse halter, the difference is the mentality and facial structure of the animal.  Horses are flee animals and by nature give into pressure.  Plus, the way a horses head is designed, the halters work with sensetive pressure points to lend control.  A dog has the same pressure points, but becuase the angle you are pulling at is different, the pressure is different.  Dogs are fight animals by nature (I’m not talking about dog fighting, I’m talking about genetic self-defense mechanisms. Horses are herd animals and programmed to run from predators.  Dogs are pack animals and are programmed to protect themselves.)  The basic principal is the same and the head collars can certainly be helpful in making training easier on your hands, but they don’t address the fixation problem.  Only proper training will create a confident, relaxed dog.