Yes, she is spayed. She has


Yes, she is spayed. She has always been weird about certain situations…for example…since we have gotten her she does not like “ghetto” people. It sounds really strange..but reguardless of race….there has been about 5 people (before this new “aggression”/barking) that she hadn’t liked…and they have all acted/dressed very ghetto. Since I don’t know much about her past…I’m guessing that could be related to whatever she is “picking up on” and not liking. But besides that she has loved ALL people AND dogs (especially small dogs), even cats! She has been the friendliest dog ever!!!

She has also always had really bad “seperation anxiety.” She behaves really well when we are gone…but does not like to see us go at all!!! Ajnd she does get scared of certain stuff..but not usually people. She loves everyone. And SO FAR (fingers crossed) she has never barked/growled/jumped at someone who has come over (inside th house)…(besides “ghetto” people) It’s only when they are outside walking by or running by the yard, or a couple times when we have been on walks.

I can’t think of anything that has changed since she started acting this way. And since I first posted the problem…she hasn’t growled at anyone. She has still been barking a bit, but that has even started to cut down.

I don’t know if its better to try to expose her to a lot of different people/situations (under our control of course) or if its better to just leave her alone?

I’ve heard to pit’s becomming “dog aggressive” as they got older…. (which Lexus hasn’t..yet anyways)..but do they ever just become plain aggressive? Even to people?