Yes, she is crate trained.


Yes, she is crate trained. When we first got her she would go in the kennel, but we made it so that we could section off her kennel as she grows, so now it isn’t too big for her. After we did that she only had 1 accident in there and had to sit in it for an hour because we were gone, she learned not to go in there anymore. She does know where the door is because if I say go outside she will walk to the door with some encouragement, and yes we give her lots of praise for going outside. I can still pick her up, but make her walk to the door since I won’t be able to pick her up forever. I don’t know what size everyone elses dogs were at 8 months, but I am guessing our Libby is on the smaller side, she is just hit 30 pounds. Thanks for the input, we will just keep an eye on her and work with her and she will get it.